Home Styling.

Already have a space you love but it needs some finishing touches?

We pride our ability to pare together different materials and finishes in brand new ways. We design with pieces new and old, tailor-made and freshened-up, bespoke and antique. We work restoration into our standard practices, resulting in distinctive interiors and attainable aspirations.

Interior Design.

Our team is comprised of professional and certified interior designers, with vast experience in different sectors of the industry. From space planning exercises to color studies, every space we create is one of a kind. on-trend and timelessly perfected.

Design comes first for us, and we make it come first for vou. too. As designers, we see a challenge and work to solve it. Your goal becomes our goal: Create beautiful interiors that combine the life you live with the lifestyle you've always dreamt of. Bv analyzing vour spaces and assessing vour wants and needs, we seamlessly turn house-into-home.

Home Staging.

Home staging is the art of furnishing properties for sale. Great staging makes a house look both luxurious and welcoming, inspiring an emotional connection that wows buyers into bidding fast and high.

A+O Styling Co. provides luxury home staging in NJ. We make properties more beautiful and marketable. We treat every space like a unique vignette, telling its story through alluring and artful design.

Our Work.